Solar Hot Water

Allsafe Energy Efficient Products Bundaberg supply and install Solar Hot Water Systems. Hot water represents the highest single appliance energy cost in the average Australian household. Therefore using the free energy from the sun makes perfect sense. Allsafe Bundaberg can provide most types and brands of water heating systems, but we are proud to use and recommend quality brands such as Dux, Rheem and Equinox.

Dux Split Systems

The Dux split system supplies piping hot water on a continuous basis regardless of the weather. This system is powered by the two or three solar panel systems, plus an electric backup in continuous inclement weather. Available in 250LT, 315LT or 400LT

Dux Airoheat Heatpump

An energy efficient electric system that is the industry’s most awarded heat pump hot water system. An easy one piece design that makes for quick and simple installation.

Radiant Heat Pump

Designed to reduce your domestic hot water energy by over 60%. Operates quietly and efficiently while delivering full mains pressure.

Equinox Solar Hot Water Systems

Equinox close coupled solar water heaters have the storage tank mounted above the solar collector panels, together on your roof. Solar energy heats water in the collectors and thermosyphon (hot water rises) naturally transfers the heated water from the solar collectors into the tank without moving parts. High quality materials, lightweight construction and a variety of finishes makes this the perfect roof mounted solar hot water solution. Available in a range of popular colours to match your roof, this system will use approximately 80% less energy than a standard electric hot water storage unit. Available in 180LT and 330LT Stainless Steel tanks.

Rheem Roof and Split Systems and Heatpumps

Designed to maximise energy and minimise cost. Combines slim roof mounted systems with a ground mounted tank, or full roof mounted system to deliver piping hot water to cover the needs of any family. Rheem Solar Hot Water Systems are a great alternative to any electric storage unit.

Rheem Solar Hiline Hot Water System

At AllSafe Bundaberg, we are committed to providing the best solution tailored to your energy needs. Phone us today on (07) 4151 7667 or leave a message on our Contact Form and we will phone you back. We look forward to speaking with you and offering a free quote on the solar hot water system that best suits your budget, needs and lifestyle.